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Jatigede Dam Construction 60 Percent Completed

JAKARTA - Construction of Jatigede Reservoir in West Java Province, has been 60 percent completed. Currently, works on its foundation and construction of turbines for the transfer of water through a tunnel are taking place. To complete the project in 2012, the reservoir's budget has been augmented to Rp 824 billion.

Director General of Water Resources of the Ministry of Public Works, Mohammad Amron, revealed that some of the processes that will have been carried out until the end of the year include construction of turbines, allocation of river water through a tunnel, and dredging of its bottom. 

"Dredging works at the bottom of the reservoir have started, in order to build the foundation. Some works are still in progress, one problem is land acquisition," he said in Jakarta on Monday (3 October).

Jatigede Reservoir needs a land area of 4,946ha and this year a land acquisition budget amounting to Rp 86 billion has been prepared. The land acquisition consists of the replacement of forests and the acquisition of lands belonging to the people around the Jatigede project. 

Now, there are still 8,000 heads of households (families) whose land acquisition process have not been completed. The area of the people's lands that still need to be procured is just 55.75ha, out of a total of 3,585 ha affected by this project. Currently, only 100 families that still have issues in terms of their status of land ownership, the rest have no issues. This has made the government hesitant to acquire the lands.

Member of Commission V of the House of Representatives, Eldie Suwandie, said that he supports the Jatigede Reservoir development programme, even for 2012 he [the Commission] will fight to increase the budget to Rp 824 billion. The land acquisition budget in 2012 will be divided into forest land acquisition of about Rp 70 billion and general land acquisition of Rp 7.9 billion. 

"Discussion of the budget has not been completed, but [the budget] will definitely increase from the 2011 budget of approximately Rp 500 billion," he said. (imm)